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Use of Sea Buckthorn
In Europe and Asia, one uses preparations of sea buckthorn oil in the hospitals for the treatment of the burns, of the wounds of bed and other complications cutaneous. Ten drugs were designed starting from oils and are available in various forms (liquid, pastilles, liniments, suppositories, aerosols, etc).
In internal use, the sea buckthorn is employed for the treatment and the prevention of the ulcers of stomach, the cardiovascular diseases like arterial hypertension and the coronary diseases.

In Europe, one finds juices, frosts, liquors, candies, shelves of vitamin C and dairy ice cream with the sea buckthorn.
One finds also oils, beverages alcoholized, tea, jams, food dyes as well as shampoos anti-films and against the loss of the hair.
The industry of the cosmetics considers that oils of the sea buckthorn have single properties to slow down the ageing of the skin. Several facial creams contain some.
Thesea buckthorn juice can also be used as vitaminized supplement in the beverages for sportsmen.