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Desserts in Sea Buckthorn

Sorbet with Sea Buckthorn
Ingredients: 2 bowls (650 ml) from water, 1,5 bowl (500 G) of sugar,
125 G of white corn syrup and 600 ml sea buckthorn juice.
In a pan, to mix L’water, the sugar and the corn syrup.
Carry to boiling while brewing to melt sugar. Let boil 1 minute. Let cool, add the sea buckthorn juice.
Prepare the ice-cream freezer according to the specifications of the manufacturer.
Harness the mixture with this it is well taken.

Preserve at the freezer.
Muffins with honey and the Sea Buckthorn
For 12 muffins
Ingredients:4 C with soup of butter, 5 C with soup honey,
2 cups of flour, ½ pack natural yoghourt, 1 egg,
½ pack sea buckthorn juice
Preheat the furnace with 160°C
Furnish with mould with muffins with of paper for pastry making. Dissolve butter and honey with the microwawe oven.
Mix natural yoghourt, the sea buckthorn juice and the egg. Delicately gather the 2 mixtures with the flour until obtaining a quite homogeneous paste.
Put the paste in the moulds at helps a spoon.
Cook 25 minutes.

Jam of cutters and sea buckthorn
For 2 pots 500 ml
Ingredients: 400 G cutters, 200 ml sea buckthorn juice, 500 G sweeten.
Day before: Wash and équeuter cutters, drain.
Mix the cutters, the sea buckthorn juice and sugar.
Let rest all the night at temperature part.
The following day:Égoutter cutters, add syrup in a pan.
Carry to boiling, foam and let cook jusqu’with 107°C with the thermometer with let us bend.
Add the cutters, continue cooking during 3 to 4 minutes.
Add hot jam in sterilized pots.
Keep jam with the refrigerator.

Good Appétite !!!