To know the SeaBuckthorn
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The Plant

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Benefits of the sea buckthorn
In uses internal:
  • tire, influenza, cooling
  • miss of appetite
  • ulcers stomach and of the duodenum
  • hyperlipemy of blood
  • gingivite
  • pulmonary problems
  • cardiovascular and coronary diseases
  • arterial hypertension

In general one takes from 2 to 4 cuillérées with coffee per day, but certain experts advise jusqu’with 200 ml/jour. There are also herb teas of sheets or bark of sea buckthorn.

In uses external:

  • cutaneous eczema and other problems
  • burns
  • prevention and cicatrization of the wounds due to radiations,
  • deceleration of the wrinkles
  • hair : films and falls.

The sea buckthorn oils is obtained by cold pressure of bays and especially of the sea buckthorn seeds . It enters the composition of creams, cosmetics or shampoos.