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Sauces with sea buckthorn

Vinaigrette with the sea buckthorn
Mix 4 spoons with soup from puresea buckthorn juice, 2 spoons with balsamic vinegar soup (or 1 spoon with mustard or lemon soup) and 4 spoons with olive oil soup. Add salt or shoyu, cumin and other spices of your choice.
This vinaigrette is perfect for endives, corn salad, the chicorey and cress.

Chutney of green tomatos to the sea buckthorn
Cut tomatos out of dice and add a quantity equalize apples cut out of dice.
Make return from garlic and onions.
In a frying pan, mix tomatos, apples, garlic and onions.
Add the pure sea buckthorn juice.
You thus obtain a well raised bitter-sweet sauce.
Make thicken during 45 mn, with small fire, while often stirring up.
Don't hesitate to add sugar or spices to according your taste.
This chutney divinement accompanies well rice. 

Sea Buckthorn piquant sauce

Make return from red onions and garlic in olive oil.
Add a small pepper thin slice as well as spices to the choice.
Add 6 spoons with pure juice soup of sea buckthorn.
Mix the whole with 100 ml of vegetable stock.

Good Appétite !!!