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Sauce, steaklet of duck to the sea buckthorn
For 4 people
2 steaklets of duck
Sauce with sea buckthorn, maple
125 ml (½ pack) sea buckthorn bays
45 ml (3 C with soup) syrup of maple
45 ml (3 C with soup) vinegar of natural cider
1 shallot dries
300 ml (1¼ pack) brown duck bottom
Make notches in squaring with the skin of the steaklets of duck.
Add salt and of pepper.
Preparation of sauce
Add the syrup of maple in a small pan and make cook approximately 1 minutes. Add the cider vinegar and finely chopped shallot. Cook 1 minute more. Add the brown duck bottom. Let reduce the sauce jusqu’to consistent desired. Add the sea buckthorn bays, to leave mijoter slowly 5 minutes. Pass sauce to the sieve by pressing well the sea buckthorn bays r with the laddle back. Season with the need. Reserve sauce with the heat.
Preheat the furnace with 180oC.
Make heat a frying pan thick and this without fat content. When the frying pan is quite hot, seize the steaklets access side skin, to good colouring, turn them then to place them at the furnace.
Make cook approximately 5 minutes or until the flesh is dew. Withdraw furnace and cover with aluminium paper.
Completion and presentation
Let rest 5 minutes before slicing the steaklets. Draw up the sections in hot plates, sauce napper and serve useful with vegetables.

Bon Appétit !!!